Mindful Mondays (On Sunday)

new_yearWith January right around the corner everyone usually starts to think about making some changes.
We sit down and take a deep look at our lives and decide we want to make some adjustments (aka resolutions). We have good intentions but those resolutions never seem to go past a few weeks or a month!

This year, make a commitment to yourself now for the coming new year and learn HOW to think your way to a peaceful, beautiful life.


Mindful Monday  is a weekly class designed to empower you to be more mindful in your everyday life.


These classes are offered to help you to develop a ‘practice’ for yourself to become more present in the moments. If we truly want change, we must begin with our thoughts. These classes not only teach you how to change your thoughts, but more importantly, how to set your intentions and create the life you truly want to live!

Each class will be focused on setting an intention for the week and developing a practice for you to hold yourself accountable to be your very best. We will learn simple mindful practices such as; meditation, mandala empowerment, mirror work, journaling and much more! There will be quiet time, creative time (yes, creative activities-we all need that) and discussion.


Join us Sunday evenings starting
Sunday, January 8th from 6:30-8 pm.


If you’re the kind that likes to dip your toe in first then drop in for one class in January.

If you’re the kind that’s ready to make a huge shift in your life and start on your true path in life then make a commitment to yourself for the full 4 weeks. Either way, you deserve to take time out for YOU!

1 class ….. $20/session
4 class January commitment … $60

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Based on the 7 Essentials in my book!
“Ignite the Light: Empowering Children & Adults to Be Their Absolute Best”.