Every day, my students choose an affirmation for the day. Today’s affirmation was, “I am patient…” (A message I needed to hear as I waited to hear the results of the Hay House Movers & Shakers competition).

We then went through our day practicing patience and learning about the miracle of Hannukah. When I asked my kids what they thought a miracle was, they responded with, “Something great that happens that you don’t expect…Something really good…Something that you can’t imagine happening, then it happens.” I smiled at their responses.

Later in the day I was graced with a call from the amazing, Cheryl Richardson, from Hay House. I was shaking like a leaf when I heard her voice because I knew this was regarding my recent Hay House book proposal. I felt blessed and totally honored to even hear Cheryl’s voice on the other line, but then she told me in the sweetest, kindest voice, that I was chosen to present the Hay House Web Event!

Wow! Amazing!! Holy Cannoli!!!  I walked back into my classroom as cool as I possibly could and just couldn’t hold the tears back. I asked my kids to come to the ‘meeting place’ so I could explain my emotions.  I reminded them of our affirmation for the day and how we were talking about miracles. Then I shared ‘my miracle‘ with them. The kids broke out in applause, hoots, and hollers, not even knowing what this was all about. I said, “Girls and boys, you are sooooo sweet, but you don’t even know what I’m going to talk about.” One child said, “Sure Mrs. Savini, you’re gonna talk about kids!”

Precisely!!! I told them, “Yes, this is a huge victory for all of us, because Mrs. Savini plans to teach the world that childhood is just too precious to ignore and kids are SUPER important.” Another child said, “Are you gonna teach them to believe in themselves like you teach us?”

YES!!! And now, Mrs. Savini has learned how to believe in herself! Yeah…they liked that, and so do I.

I am never amazed by how truly genuine children are.  I am so blessed to work with them and learn from them!

Stay tuned for LIVE web event date and time. Many blessings! 🙂