The Light Inside of Me

  • I Approve of Me!I had an interesting experience today at school. My kids had just come back to the room from a humanity special. The kids were transitioning into the classroom and chatting by their cubbies as they put their library books away. It was a typical tran
  • That Made My Heart SmileEvery Wednesday morning, my first graders circle up on the perimeter of our colorful rug to do their ‘mirror work.’ Mirror work is a critical component of learning to love yourself and I make sure that we are all focused on this activity
  • Raising the AHA Generation: Is that a good thing?When you hear Aha, you may think it is a good thing because ‘Aha’ usually means that you are becoming aware of something, but when you hear what AHA stands in this article, I’m not so sure you’ll feel the same way… As a school teacher
  • Push the PAUSE ButtonMercury in retrograde, full moon, racing from one thing to the next…does it ever end? Today I woke up a little later than usual and of course this put me behind the eight ball-so to speak- throughout the day. I felt like I was running from one
  • Why Can’t These Kids Listen?I have always prided myself on my ability to see the world through the eyes of a child and create a peaceful, warm, loving environment within my classroom. A few years ago I earned the title of ‘The Mindful Teacher’ because I work so har