"What happens in childhood doesn't stay in childhood. Childhood is our foundation and paves the way for us into adulthood."

My mission is to educate, enlighten and empower children and adults to be their absolute best by removing toxic thoughts and revealing their inner light.

Ignite The Light

In today’s society kids hardly get to enjoy their childhood, as they are faced with mounting pressures at school, within their family, and among their peers. Children are overexposed to violence and deprived of lessons on self-love and inner peace . . . but imagine a world where they are given tools to speak their truth, follow their hearts, and above all believe in themselves.

You see, deep inside every one of us is a light that shines brightly when we are aligned with our higher self—our absolute best self. When we allow fear to drive our action, we dim that light within. Yet when we believe in ourselves, speak our truth, and do what feels right in our hearts, we ignite the light and become the best possible version of ourselves.

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