Vicki (62)Are you looking for an inspirational speaker?

Vicki inspires both children and adults.


Deep inside every one of us is a light that shines brightly when we are aligned with our absolute best self.  Whether you are a parent, teacher, businessman/woman, child-care worker or just a person who wants to leave this world a little more peaceful then you found it, Vicki’s presentations will give you the tools to be your absolute best self and to inspire others to do the same.

Vicki Savini has presented keynotes at corporations, annual PTA Events, retreats, public events, conferences, and schools. She focuses on educating, enlightening, and empowering children and adults to be their absolute best with her 7 Essentials that are revealed in her Hay House book, “Ignite the Light: Empowering Children & Adults to Be Their Absolute Best.”

Sample Topics: 

  • Releasing Toxic Thinking
  • Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • Mindfulness in the Work Place
  • An End “bullying”
  • The 7 Essentials Overview
  • Ignite the Light: Igniting the Fire Within You

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Know your worth. ⁣

Don’t ever allow someone to become more important to you than you are to yourself. ⁣

Take the time to learn to love yourself and respect yourself and then don’t allow anyone to ever cross your boundaries. ⁣

Boundaries protect you. ⁣

When you know you’re worth, you will never allow others to cross your boundaries again. ⁣

You’ve got this! ⁣
❤️Vicki #knowyourworth #boundariesmatter #notnownotever #ivegotthis #nothankyou #nofsgiven #protectyourheart #burnthedamncape #selflove #lifecoach #innerwisdom
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This beautiful flower only bloomed for a short period of time and then it began to wilt. ⁣

We work hard and we wait for something to grow and flourish and then before we know it, it’s time is over. ⁣

Life is like that too. ⁣

Cherish the moments. When the end is near and you can see a dark horizon, be in the moment, giving all that you possibly can to be present and mindful. ⁣

It is in the darkness that we see the true and pure light. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #beherenow #mindfulliving #grieving #trusttheprocess #lightindarkness #lifecycle #mymomawarrior #burnthedamncape
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Never underestimate the power you have feel within. ⁣

Perhaps you awaken with a feeling or thought in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn. Maybe a voice inside says turn left, instead of right. ⁣

No matter what the message, when it comes out of nowhere and beckons for your attention, turn and pay close attention. ⁣

Spirit is giving you a gift. Your inner wisdom is far wiser than all the knowledge your brain can hold. When they say, ‘trust your gut,’ it simply means to follow your inner wisdom and listen to your higher self. Trust yourself. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #innerwisdom #voicewithin #internalgps #spiritualawakening #spiritspeaks #theanswersarewithin #burnthedamncape #lifecoach
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