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The Light Inside of Me is a heart warming book that teaches children to listen to their inner voice to make good choices.  This book enables adults to responsibly guide children to honor their own feelings, and recognize the feelings of others as well.  A simple concept with a HUGE impact on emotional wellness and self esteem!

The Light Inside of Me $10.95

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say Thank You to Vicki Savini for sharing her book, “The Light Inside of Me” with me.   Over the past couple of weeks, I have read the book with my students and completed a follow-up activity that has facilitated some great discussion about making good choices and being kind to others.  My students have discussed and written in detail about times when their light has been bright (and dim) and we have discussed empathy and emphasized the importance of being kind to others. 

All of my K-5 students have enjoyed Vicki’s book.  They are in awe that a teacher from their school has had a book published, and that some of their classmates were the illustrators of the book!  The message of Vicki’s book has helped to keep some behaviors in check, particularly with the heightened energy and excitement of this holiday time.  I encourage you to check it out.


Kim Moryl

Wife, Mother, Speech Therapist


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The truth is spoken wisely here. What comes, let it come. What stays, let it stay. What goes, let it go! Instead of chasing anyone or anything, accept what is, have gratitude for the moment we are in and above all, breathe in and breathe out. You e got this! ❤️Vicki #breatheinbreatheout #mindfulness #nofear #letgo #beherenow #buddhism #iamthat #wisdomwithin #lifecoach ... See MoreSee Less

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I have seen this quote in a few different places this week and so I say to the Universe, Thank you. Thank you for providing me the opportunity to see the truth and feel the truth. Many think love is gazing deeply into one another’s eyes, feeling an electric energy that cannot be contained or getting lost in someone else. Yet, life has shown me in the past few years it’s not quite that. This quote is so very true. It’s wonderful to have chemistry and also necessary but without compatibility, you honestly have nothing but overpowering electricity. #compatibility #truelove #innerwisdom #gratitude #buddism #beherenow #iunderstandnow #burnthedamncape #selflove #anopenheart ... See MoreSee Less

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Nothing in this life is certain other than we are born and we cease. ⁣

The moments in between are all part of a beautiful and sometimes twisted journey. ⁣

Be here, in the moment. Enjoy the ups and yes, the downs too. Feel the sunshine on your face. Feel the wind in your hair and acknowledge your existence and contribution on this planet. ⁣

Nothing is certain, but we are all capable of being in the moment and living the best life we possible can. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #buddhism #beherenow #nothingiscertain #fournobletruths #burnthedamncape #lovingwhatis #gratitude
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Love this little boy! #beaudoodles #unconditionallove #dogsrule #mybff #myboy #doglovers #truelove ... See MoreSee Less

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We spend a great deal of time worrying about what already happened and fearful of what’s to come. Wasting our precious time away...⁣

What if we brought ourselves back to the current moment?⁣

What if we understood that there is always change occurring and that suffering happens?⁣

What if we just went with the ebb and flow if life instead of worrying, fearing and fighting the current?⁣

Perhaps, we’d finally find our peace of mind. ⁣

Be in this moment. Be here now. You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #beherenow #acceptwhatis #nofear #noworries #buddism #burnthedamncape #selflove #lovingwhatis
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