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The Light Inside of Me is a heart warming book that teaches children to listen to their inner voice to make good choices.  This book enables adults to responsibly guide children to honor their own feelings, and recognize the feelings of others as well.  A simple concept with a HUGE impact on emotional wellness and self esteem!

The Light Inside of Me $10.95

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say Thank You to Vicki Savini for sharing her book, “The Light Inside of Me” with me.   Over the past couple of weeks, I have read the book with my students and completed a follow-up activity that has facilitated some great discussion about making good choices and being kind to others.  My students have discussed and written in detail about times when their light has been bright (and dim) and we have discussed empathy and emphasized the importance of being kind to others. 

All of my K-5 students have enjoyed Vicki’s book.  They are in awe that a teacher from their school has had a book published, and that some of their classmates were the illustrators of the book!  The message of Vicki’s book has helped to keep some behaviors in check, particularly with the heightened energy and excitement of this holiday time.  I encourage you to check it out.


Kim Moryl

Wife, Mother, Speech Therapist


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Know your worth. ⁣

Don’t ever allow someone to become more important to you than you are to yourself. ⁣

Take the time to learn to love yourself and respect yourself and then don’t allow anyone to ever cross your boundaries. ⁣

Boundaries protect you. ⁣

When you know you’re worth, you will never allow others to cross your boundaries again. ⁣

You’ve got this! ⁣
❤️Vicki #knowyourworth #boundariesmatter #notnownotever #ivegotthis #nothankyou #nofsgiven #protectyourheart #burnthedamncape #selflove #lifecoach #innerwisdom
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This beautiful flower only bloomed for a short period of time and then it began to wilt. ⁣

We work hard and we wait for something to grow and flourish and then before we know it, it’s time is over. ⁣

Life is like that too. ⁣

Cherish the moments. When the end is near and you can see a dark horizon, be in the moment, giving all that you possibly can to be present and mindful. ⁣

It is in the darkness that we see the true and pure light. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #beherenow #mindfulliving #grieving #trusttheprocess #lightindarkness #lifecycle #mymomawarrior #burnthedamncape
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Never underestimate the power you have feel within. ⁣

Perhaps you awaken with a feeling or thought in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn. Maybe a voice inside says turn left, instead of right. ⁣

No matter what the message, when it comes out of nowhere and beckons for your attention, turn and pay close attention. ⁣

Spirit is giving you a gift. Your inner wisdom is far wiser than all the knowledge your brain can hold. When they say, ‘trust your gut,’ it simply means to follow your inner wisdom and listen to your higher self. Trust yourself. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #innerwisdom #voicewithin #internalgps #spiritualawakening #spiritspeaks #theanswersarewithin #burnthedamncape #lifecoach
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