Vicki has a wonderfully intuitive talent which enables her to recognize self-limiting thought patterns that lead to self-sabotaging behaviors. She has a unique ability to empower people by helping them to replace their destructive thought patterns with self-affirming thought patterns that lead to more productive behaviors.  She, thus, is able to lead clients on a path to a greater actualization of their full potential and, in doing so, more fully realize their true life purpose.

Howard Halligan, LMHC, CASAC

NYS OASAS, Treatment & Practice Improvement Bureau

Vicki Savini is an amazing teacher and a gifted healer!!

I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki Savini in the teaching profession, in her Girls Rule camp, and as a participant at one of her inspiring workshops…

Vicki is the best teacher I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Her love for children is contagious, infinite, and powerful. Vicki teaches first grade, which is the most challenging grade to teach, due to the literacy demands. Her classroom is organized as a community, assigning each student a role, teaching her students responsibility, accountability, and working in a cooperative environment with empathy and respect. I’ve seen her use meditation, and yoga to settle the students energy, and I’ve watched as she and her students break out into disco dancing to raise their energy level.  She is a master at reading what children need and want to be successful.  I can totally understand why they say, ‘Vicki Savini views the world through the eyes of a child!’

Vicki’ s room is filled with love, compassion, and positive energy which enables the students to respect one another while building self-esteem. I love watching Vicki work with a challenging student and taking the time, energy, and creativity to make a poor choice a teachable moment. It is very powerful to witness first hand. Instead of having a student feel lousy or embarrassed by a poor choice, she empowers the student with life strategy tools to make a better choice next time.

Also, during the summer, Vicki runs a summer camp for girls to educate, enlighten, and empower young girls to believe in themselves and speak their truth. Having worked directly with Vicki in her girls summer camp, I can attest to how powerful her camp is. She teaches the girls how to meditate, use affirmations to build inner strength, and bring out personal creativity through journaling, music, movement, and theatre. The camp leaves the girls with an ” I can do it” spirit that is profoundly powerful!

Aside from seeing her in action with children, I have also had the pleasure of attending several of her inspiring workshops. Vicki is a true healer, as she takes you down a road of self discovery and opens your eyes to see just who you really are.  It’s truly a beautiful experience every time I am involved in one of her events!

Elizabeth Davis

Teacher, Mother, Child Advocate

I can’t recommend Vicki’s workshops enough!

Vicki brings her own inspiring stories to each workshop, which instantly make her guests feel safe and connected to her and her teaching.  Although we work in a group setting, Vicki takes the time to work with each participant individually to help apply the lessons of the workshop to their own lives. Vicki has provided me with the skills I needed to become aware of my own negative thought patterns and to turn those patterns around for good! They are lessons I will go back to time and time again. Thank you, Vicki!

Danielle Vincent Jakubowski

Teacher, Mother, Entrepreneur

Confident, Assuring, Inspirational, Caring…
Teacher, Friend, Life Coach…

These are just a few words that describe Vicki Savini.  Children, and adults alike, respond to Vicki.  Her teaching style is like no other that we have ever experienced.  She cares not only about the educational piece, but also about the emotional piece of learning.  She has a way of making you feel safe and secure with who you are.  Vicki was my son’s second grade teacher and my daughter’s “Girls Rule” camp leader.  She taught the children about empowerment and self confidence and that they can do anything they put their minds to.  I have been attending Vicki’s adult workshops and gaining a lot of knowledge about myself as a mother, wife, child, sister and friend.  I always leave feeling better about myself and what I can accomplish and always look forward to the next workshop.  I also look forward to my daughter attending more “Girls Rule” camps.  There was a noticeable difference in her self confidence and her knowledge of how to be a good friend.  Vicki has touched so many lives in a positive way and my family is grateful for her!!!

Anne Mahlitz

Mother, Wife, Human Being

Vicki has a special gift and I admire her mission to ignite that light in all that may have been dimmed.

I am grateful to have met her!

Vicki Savini was my daughter’s 1st grade teacher.  When my daughter entered 1st grade she was shy, had confidence issues, and not many friends due to her lack of confidence.  This affected my daughter outside of school and resulted in issues in both difficulties sleeping and getting on the bus in the morning. At conferences I shared my concerns and found that Vicki had the same concerns, and shared that together we would make a difference for my daughter.  Vicki provided strategies from positive affirmations, yoga, to gaining a reservoir of self help strategies she could use, such as; drawing, journaling and music, all of which provided, gradually helped my daughter to come out of her shell.  When she was having tremendous separation anxiety at night and sleeping issues, I called on Vicki to be a guide for her because my daughter trusted and respected her.  She came into my home and was able to connect with my daughter in such a way that she uncovered an event that was the root of her sleeping troubles.  Over time and with the help of Vicki’s strategies, my daughter’s light is shining for all to see!

I have also been part of Vicki’s Women’s Workshops.  I decided I wanted to attend her workshops because I have 3 young girls and wanted to learn how to provide them strategies of becoming self confident in a society that can make it difficult at times.  Unknowingly, Vicki helped me realize an issue that has clouded my own personal growth, helped me become aware of it, face it, accept it and move on. I am now realizing my own strengths and thankful for her guidance. I am proud to say that I am able to spread that positive outlook to my children and others around me.

Lisa Long

Speech Language Pathologist, Wife, Mother of 3 girls

My work with Vicki has changed my life in ways that I didn’t know were possible.

My work with Vicki Savini and Infinity Foundation started back in 2010. We met at a mutual friend’s house and for some reason I never forgot about her. One day I decided to give her a call. This was a very challenging time in my life and I knew she would be the perfect person to help.

Vicki and I met multiple times and worked very diligently on facing my inner fears. There were two very important things in my life that I wanted to change. We discussed the actual steps it would take to get me from where I was to where I wanted to be. She gave me several tools that I still use to this day. She was a wonderful listener and was there for me whenever I needed her. Today I can say that my work with Vicki has changed my life in ways that I didn’t know were possible.

Christina Sangiacamo

Wife, Mother, Public Relations Specialist

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