A Woman’s Worth 2017

When was the last time that you took time for YOU? You know, when you focused on your own needs, wants and desires?  A time when you invested in yourself? I’ve got the perfect opportunity for you…

Join me on the ‘Back Porch’ for my 2nd annual women’s retreat on Saturday, August 12th from 9 am – 7 pm


 As mother’s, caregivers, women in general, we have a tendency to put the needs of others before our own. Truth is…we cannot be our absolute best self for those who need us unless we take the time to care for ourselves.

I have designed this retreat to be a one day retreat with the option to ‘camp out’ in the yard and partake in a morning yoga/meditation session as well. It’s up to you. Spend 10 hours on yourself or relax, rejuvenate and have some girl time till the next morning. Your husband, your children and other family members CAN and will survive without you.

This retreat is dedicated to helping you discover the core toxic seeds that hold you back in life and then give you NEW practices and patterns to not only heal but to be your best self!

Relax, Rejuvenate and Respond to your own needs while learning some new skills to brighten the light within and empower YOU to be your absolute best!


During our time together you will learn techniques to reduce stress, speak your truth (even when your voice shakes) and above all BE your absolute best!

You will have the opportunity to balance mind, body and Spirit by;

  1. Defining your core toxic seed.
  2. Learning how to quiet your mind in different ways that are quick and easy.
  3. Gain new skills on how to speak your truth.
  4. Honor your inner wants, needs and desires.
  5. Turn negative thoughts around.
  6. Create a new practice/pattern for your life to be your best self.
  7. De-stress with yoga, presented by Andrea Durkin of the Hot Yoga Spot.
  8. Learn skills to release negative thought patterns.




***A light breakfast (bagels, fruit and coffee or tea), a healthy lunch and dinner are provided as well. You are welcome to bring snacks and water as well.

We need this ladies. We are constantly ‘on the go,’ and always giving to others. This time is for YOU but not only beneficial to you but also to the people in your immediate circle.

Allow me to give you this beautiful opportunity to take the time to find your true reflection because…

You’re Worth It!

Lots of Love & Tons of Light,


I like to keep this event intimate because we accomplish so much in this small group here at my home. There are 12 seats available so please sign up quickly if you are interested because it closes out soon.

Early Bird Price $150 (Sign up before August 1st-after that price increases to $175)

$175 Reserve BEFORE August 1st, pay only $150

Your registration includes the workshops throughout the day, journal, art materials used during the sessions and breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Workshops run from 9 am – 7 pm (with breaks and pool time in between)

*If you choose to ‘camp out’ there will be a brief morning session of yoga and a meditation to start your day leaving by 9 am.

So it’s your choice…spend 10 hours with us or 24!

Click the EVENTBRITE LOGO to register or call (518) 441-9919 for more info.