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Childhood is too precious to ignore.  It is the foundation for the rest of our lives.  What happens in childhood doesn’t stay in childhood.  Instead , those experiences determine our future.  This is why it’s critical for us to build strong foundations for our children today while they are still young and repair and strengthen our own foundation as adults.

I created the 7 Essentials to a strong foundation to help us to balance mind, body  and Spirit and BE our best selves so that we can navigate the waters of life and parenting successfully and effortlessly.

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When the voice in your head is causing worry or making you feel less than, shut it down. ⁣

We sometimes carry the past into the present. We play the same track over and over again like it’s on repeat in our minds. At times we realize it’s happening but we don’t hit the pause, we keep listening. ⁣

When your thoughts come from fear, it’s crazy talk. Shut that shit down. Nothing good comes from crazy talk. ⁣

Breathe. Release. Reset yourself in love. Handle one thing at a time and know that you CAN do this. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #nofear #positivethoughts #confident #ivegotthis #burnthedamncape
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We have this internal gps and yet most are unaware. ⁣

We all get a feeling deep inside when we are moving in the wrong direction and a resounding tingle when we move in the right direction. ⁣

When we are living our truth. When we are connected with Spirit. When we are firm in who we are in this life the voice of love speaks louder than the voice of fear. ⁣

You can connect to this wisdom any time by simply quieting your mind and listening to the voice within. If that’s difficult, then just trust the feeling that comes over you at the crossroads. ⁣

Trust your gut. You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #loveoverfear #voicewithin #innerwisdom #trustyourgut #listentoyourself #burnthedamncape #lovingyourself #youvegotthis #quietthemind
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Being present isn’t always easy, yet it’s necessary for inner peace. ⁣

By accepting what is, we are no longer fighting the inevitable, going against the flow or trying to change what we have no control over. ⁣

By letting go of the past, we are free to move on from pain and think back to memories with joy instead of sorrow. ⁣

By embracing the horizon, we fill our hearts with joy instead of fear and come from a place of love. ⁣

Be here, now, in this moment. Accept, let go and embrace. ⁣

You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #letgoletgod #acceptance #selflove #beherenow #positivevibes #inthemoment #presentmomentreminder #burnthedamncape #embracelove #nofear
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My dad was a Disney buff. I grew up watching Disney movies and have wonderful memories from them. One that sticks in my mind particularly is Snow White. ⁣

I can relate to her. She was kind and gentle and always wanted to see the good in people-even the evil witch. ⁣

I too am kind and gentle and have always seen the best in people. Fortunately, I’ve learned to trust my instincts more than other people. ⁣

I’ve encountered a narcissist here and there in this life, as I’m sure many of you have as well. I’ve made the mistake of biting into their poisonous apples a few times, just like Snow White. It’s easy to look at what they’re offering as something enticing, yet close your eyes and trust your gut and you’ll never take a bite of their poison again. ⁣

Trust your gut. You know when you’re being used and lied to. Don’t question your own instinct. Don’t ignore the alarm bells going off. Instead, heed the warnings and distance yourself. If you don’t protect yourself, they certainly won’t! ⁣

Trust yourself. You’ve got this! ⁣
❤️Vicki #narcissists #nodrama #protectyourself #protectyourheart #trustyourself #selflove #lifecoaching #movingon #distanceyourself #innerwisdom #burnthedamncape
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We spend a great deal of time in this life searching. We search for a career, a car, a home, the perfect partner and even our true selves. We search and search yet we never feel truly content. ⁣

Perhaps that’s because we are searching for happiness outside of ourselves. ⁣

Once you find the mirror and you look beyond your flaws you begin to embrace who you truly are and suddenly the path illuminates in front of you. ⁣

Be yourself. Be comfortable in your skin. You need not be anything or anyone else in this life but the person you were meant to be. ⁣

You’ve got this!⁣
❤️ Vicki #beyourself #truecolors #selflove #lifecoaching #acceptingwhatis #loveoverfear #grateful #truehappiness #burnthedamncape
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