Boys ROCK Camp

boys_rockCalling all boys ages 7-9 

(1st grade-3rd grade)

Looking for some SUMMER FUN?

 Stephanie Liberty & Vicki Savini want you to come ROCK with us this summer!

*** Special Guest Teacher…Coach Raponi who will work on team building and sportsmanship

 When? Monday, July 24th – Friday, July 28th   

            9:00 am-12:00 pm daily

Where? The Dance Evolution Dance Center, 100 Saratoga Blvd, Bldg 10

Why? This camp empowers young boys to BELIEVE in themselves, communicate effectively and BE their absolute best! We teach HIS principles (Honesty, Integrity & Self Control)


Our goal is to help boys to be ROCK SOLID by ‘building’ a strong foundation.

Boys ages 7-9 will learn the H.I.S. principles focusing on teaching Honesty, Integrity and Self Control.

  • We will Build with Legos, K-nexs and other building materials to show our creativity.
  • Do science experiments to discover the world around us.
  • Engage in fun team building activities to learn about self and others and how to work cooperatively.
  • Learn how to quiet our minds, speak our truth and remove negative thinking!
  • Engage in fun outdoor team building activities.

If you are interested in this camp, please register no later than Friday, June 3rd as we have a limited number of spots and registration is first come first serve. 

* A deposit of $50 must be received in order to register your child for this camp. No refunds will be given unless camp registration is cancelled no later than Friday, June 17th.


COST: $165 ($150 if registered by June 1st)

(Fee includes all materials and ‘Boys Rock’ T-Shirt)

Have more than 1 kid who wants to attend? Each additional sibling can attend for half price


 Note:  If you are interested in this camp, please register no later than July 17th.  We have a limited number of open spots this year and will take registration on a first come first serve basis. Scholarships are available to attend (please call (518) 441-9919 to apply, if necessary).



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You cannot go through life simply experiencing only joy and emerge as the beautiful being you were meant to be. ⁣

The pain, the suffering, the sorrow and the darkness all contributes to us becoming the person we are meant to be. ⁣

You simply cannot appreciate or even see the light without darkness. ⁣

The hard times are not easy but they are necessary. Whatever season of your life you are in, embrace it and be gentle with yourself. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and grow through the challenges. What is up ahead of you is more than you could’ve ever imagined. Be steadfast. ⁣
You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #burnthedamncape #youvegotthis #steadfast #iamamountain #beherenow #gowiththeflow #embracelife #selflove #worthy
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No one truly looks forward to pain, but without pain, we wouldn’t know our strength. ⁣

You just don’t truly know how strong you are until you’re faced with challenges in life. It is then, and only then, that you get to the core of who you are. ⁣

You will experience both physical and emotional pain in life, and it will suck while you’re going through it, but when you push through you will look back and see how much you’ve grown. ⁣

There will be days when you can’t even look in the mirror without crying and then when the clouds fade, you’ll look in the mirror again and you’ll see you’re unimaginable strength. ⁣

You are stronger than you think. Dig deep. ⁣
You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #strongerthanyouthink #digdeep #youvegotthis #innerstrength #nodrama #letgoofthepast #darknessintolight #burnthedamncape
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Sometimes removing toxic people and situations from your life takes time. Don’t be hard on yourself if you didn’t bang that out on January 1st, but also don’t allow those people or situations to creep too far into the new year. ⁣

Remove the toxic waste. Just walk it to the curb and DONT look back. You won’t regret it. New year. New you!⁣
You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #takeoutthetrash #newyear #newyearnewyou #selflove #aintnobodygottimeforthat #positivevibes #beherenow #movingon #movingforward #losedeadweight #letgoofthepast #nodrama #burnthedamncape
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Are you a rescuer? Do you find yourself wanting to swoop in to save the day more often than naught? Is it hard for you to just sit back and let things unfold?⁣

Well, loosen the strings to your cape and take a deep breath. ⁣

Sometimes, it’s best to just do nothing. ⁣

When you’re a problem solver and the shit hits the fan you want to solve that problem immediately but there are times you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. ⁣

Breathe. Slow down, get the facts and then respond. A mindful response is always better than a reactive response, especially when you don’t have all the ‘important pieces’ yet. ⁣⁣
You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #inthemoment #daybyday #donothing #respondinsteadofreact #burnthedamncape #selflove #lifecoach
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You want a fresh start but you’re not sure where to begin. ⁣

Protect your energy and everything else falls into place. ⁣

Surround yourself with people who lift you up instead of knock you down. We all have ups and downs. If you have people in your circle who aren’t there for you when you’re down, delete them. ⁣

Life is give and take, not take, take, take. ⁣
You’ve got this! ❤️Vicki #freshstart #newyear #newyou #protectyourenergy #yourvibration #energymatters #surroundyourselfwithpositivity #burnthedamncape #selflove #lifecoach
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