Are you ready to burn that damn cape?

You spend a great deal of time taking care of others, but what have you done for yourself lately?

I’m quite sure you’ve heard several times how important it is to love yourself, but does anyone ever really teach you HOW to do that?

I can and I will!

I would be honored to guide you through this journey to loving yourself.

This is why I wrote my book, “Burn the Damn Cape: A 30 Day Guide to Stop Rescuing Others & Start Loving Yourself” It’s a simple guide to loving yourself.

You can’t be your best self without putting that person in the mirror first!

I am a teacher, author, and life coach who has a knack for breaking the tough stuff into bite sized pieces. My 30-day-guide is written in a comprehensible way, giving you a daily task to do for yourself. This is how we learn to love ourselves. This workshop is set up as small group coaching. It’s an intimate small group so that you can get the coaching experience and have others support you as you walk this path of self-love.

We will meet in person weekly, for 4 weeks. You will never feel alone as others are participating alone with you and you also have me as your personal guide to tapping into the very best possible YOU.

You make time for everyone else’s needs. Now, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself.

The course fee for 4 weeks with the book included and paid in full prior to class is $150

Classes begin…Sunday, May 22nd from 6-7:30 and continue through Sunday, June 12th from 6-7:30.

Join us at the Blue Barn in Ballston Spa, NY 133 Brookline Road

Give yourself an hour and a half to learn simple daily skills on boundaries, speaking your truth and getting what you want in life.

Burn the cape and ignite the fire within.

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