How often do you feel unworthy?  How many times a day do you question your abilities in life?  It’s funny, we can be so accomplished and have so many wonderful things happening in our lives, but yet we still beat up on ourselves.

It’s truly sad, but even the most positive people can get stuck in a downspiral of negativity.  How?  Even positive people can get caught up in a negative spiral because somewhere along the line, they stopped working their own routine.  We have to have a plan.  We have to refuel ourselves in order to maintain our positive energy and feel, well worthy.  Set a plan for yourself.  What do you do for YOU in the morning?  What do you do throughout the day?  What do you do when you feel sad, lonely, depressed?  All of these feelings come about because somewhere along the way we stopped taking care of ourselves.  Here’s my tidbit for today…

Look in the mirror and repeat after me.

I am good enough.  I am smart, and I like myself.  In fact, I LOVE myself!

Much Love,