Have you ever walked into a room, clicked the light switch, and the light flickers because the plug is kind of falling out of the wall?

As soon as you realize that the light is flickering because the plug is not secure, you generally stabilize the plug and make sure it’s totally plugged into the Source of energy needed to supply the light, right?

Yeah, well, believe it or not, that’s what happens to us as human beings as well…

The Universe is an amazing place, isn’t it?  It doesn’t really matter what you believe about God, but most of us believe that there is something out there, well, bigger than us, bigger than this moment.

Some like to call this energy God, Goddess, or even Spirit.  I like to call it Source energy, and I think I just might be on to something because my 6 year old son, who shoots straight from the hip and is pretty darn firm in his convictions, confirmed this recently.

One day, I walked in the door from work and he immediately greeted me at the door with this question,

“Mom, who made God?”

Hmmmm… Well, welcome home Vicki!  I was totally caught off guard because I had baggage from the day in my hands, dinner on my brain, and I was barely in the door.

I’ve always considered myself a Spiritual person, but I don’t practice a religion, per se, so my son and I have deep talks and share what we think about the world around us (which I always find quite amazing).  I just wasn’t expecting something this deep upon arrival from a hectic day!

I took a deep breath, put my bags on the floor, took my shoes off (yeah, now that feels better), and then looked into his eyes and said, “Well, buddy, what do you think?”  My little avatar put his finger to his chin and replied, “Hmmmmm, well, let me think for a moment.”  He then closed his eyes for a brief moment (literally) and energetically spouted, “Oh, I know!  It’s the energy of the Light.  Yeah, that’s it.  God is the energy of the light, and that light is all around us and in us.  Thanks Mom!”

I’m sure you can imagine the look upon my face and the Spirit Rush that ran up my spine.  I immediately thought to myself, (and may have even said it out loud) “Thank you Universe.”

Now, what does this have to do with the plug in the wall?

Well, you see, I’ve come to realize that when we feel a bit ‘dim‘ (depressed, worried, fearful, stuck, etc.), it isn’t because the Universe isn’t providing for us.  Instead, it’s because we have disconnected from Source!

That ‘Energy of the Light,’ that my son ‘schooled’ me on, is ever present.  It is always available and constantly ready for us to plug in, but Source energy cannot make you plug in, you have to choose to plug in!

So, do you feel like your light is flickering lately instead of a steady stream of beautiful light?  If so, then here are some simple steps to get you plugged back in to Source energy…You know, the Energy of the Light!

1)   Take a few moments to thank the Universe every morning before you even open your eyes and hop out of bed.

2)  Start your day with a positive affirmation.  Make it something really useful, like; “I love you!” ( as you look at yourself in the mirror) , “I know that I can create miracles in my life”, or “I am full of Love & Light”.

3)  End your day with gratitude.  Thank the Universe for the blessings of the day, even if you felt that you had an awful day.  After all, it is in darkness that we can truly see the light!

Wishing you lots of Love and a secure connection to the Light!


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