So, it’s January again.  I love the way everyone always puts so much pressure on themselves to DO something better or different in January by making ‘resolutions’.  In truth, every day, every breath, every moment, is a chance to refocus our energy and make a different choice in life.  You see, I believe that life is like a box of chocolates…LOL just joking, I couldn’t resist!  I believe that life is really all about choices.  That’s what I teach my kids at school, and ya know, it works for us!

In many of my workshops, I talk about everything coming down to two simple elements…Love & fear.  I often tell my clients to take a deep breath and ask themselves if they are driven by Love or fear in the moment that they feel anxiety.  Of course!  They are allowing fear to sneak in, so I teach them to re-direct their thoughts through Love and make a different CHOICE.

It IS that simple.  It really, truly is.  Oh, I know, it sounds way too simple, but trust me, I’ve been there in panic mode, totally driven by fear (just a few days ago), and what it took to move me from fear to Love, was a perspective shift.

When I was a little girl, my mom would lay out HUGE puzzles on our dining room table that she would work on for weeks every time she walked by the table.  She thought this was a good way to release stress, yet I often watched her stare at the table for a long stretch of time diligently looking for ONE piece to fit in ONE spot.  She would huff and puff and put her hand on her chin.  Then finally, she would walk away and do something else.  A few moments later she would walk by that table again, and inevitably, she would say, “Ah yes!  There it is!”  I remember peeking at her over the couch, or gazing up at her from the floor, giggling.  I didn’t know the lesson that she was teaching at the time, and truth be told, she didn’t either…

Watching mom, and her puzzles, taught me that sometimes, we focus way too hard on that which we do not want, and that’s exactly what comes to us.  You see, when Mom would stare at the table, looking for ONE piece to fit in ONE spot, her mind undoubtedly started to think she was never going to find it.  She would then allow herself to continue with this fear thought and perhaps wonder if they never gave her that piece, or what a waste of time it was to continue looking for this piece.  She was really focused on what she DIDN’T want instead of what she DID want.  When Mom walked away from the table, she gave herself time for a new perspective.  Then, when she returned with ‘fresh’ eyes, she now had a different perspective, and new hope.  It always came right to her because she was refocused and ready to FIND the piece, instead of convinced she would never find it.

Are you facing a tough decision?  Perhaps, struggling with a 2012 resolution?  Well, here’s something to stick in your tool box for life…

Walk away and clear your mind…then focus on this!

Lots of Love to you this day, and every day,


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